Another dismal, non-summery day on Tuesday

A high of just 18.4C, high humidity and the UV level in the ‘Low’ category on Tuesday was more like an autumn day than summer. The peak was 4.4C below my 40-year average with the minimum of 14.4C at 04.11 early Wednesday 2.5C above the average. The mild night was due again to thick, low cloud cover minimising any loss of warmth into the atmosphere. The drift of south-southwest breeze also kept the temperature higher. Another night with a minimal diurnal range, this time of just 4C.

The light rain that began just before 13.00 amounted to 0.7mm.

The start to Wednesday revealed another dull morning, however, the cloud is higher and not as thick as on Tuesday. The depression has eased away to the northeast, now centred over northeast Scotland, so beginning to lose its influence.

An anticyclone in mid-atlantic is showing signs of producing a ridge of high pressure over the UK as the depression moves away. As a result, Wednesday is likely to be drier with the wind veering into the west but strengthening.