Stubborn Jet stream isn’t moving much

Although there was warm sunshine on Wednesday it didn’t push the thermometer above my 40-year average with a peak of 21.6C at 14.20 being 1.2C below the average. However, it was a dry day and in the sunshine the UV level rose into the Very High category. The past night was a little cooler than the previous two nights with a minimum of 11.1C, which was 0.8C below the average.

Thursday dawned with welcome strong sunshine that lifted the temperature to 15.8C by 08.00.

The old depression is very slowly easing away over Scandinavia with the anticyclone in the Atlantic showing a modest rise in the barometric pressure over the UK with a reading of 1018.1mb at 08.00, the highest pressure since the 2nd. This should give us a better day, predominantly dry with variable sunshine. The breeze will continue from the west.

Over much of this month the Jet Stream has been to the south of the UK acting as a conveyor belt for the depressions coming in from the Atlantic leaving us on the cooler north side. The forecast does not show any significant change in its position for next week.