Is this the rainy season? Certainly not summer!

Although Monday morning was predominantly dry outbreaks of sporadic rain started after 13.00, although the main rain band arrived just after 18.00 and lasted throughout the night producing another 13.6mm of rainfall. That additional precipitation took the monthly rainfall total to 49.7mm, exactly 10mm below my 40-year average.

The cloudy conditions, combined with the wind that became brisk and from the southeast, a cooler direction and not seen for two months, meant a very cool day. The thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of just 16.7C late in the afternoon at 16.29 being a significant 6.1C below my 40-year average. The thick cloud and rain overnight minimised any loss of warmth into the atmosphere, providing a duvet, that saw the thermometer drop just 3.5C to a low of 13.2C at 00.02. A diurnal range of just 3.5C is unusual for the summer months. This low was 1.3C above average and made it the warmest night since 22nd June.

Tuesday struggled into the new day under low, thick cloud with light rain and drizzle still falling. The backend of the weather front is still slowly receding northeastwards. The centre of the depression is just off the west coast o South Wales and will continue to feed us damp, dull conditions for much of the day although the precipitation will be much lighter. The mainly south or south-southwest air stream is coming further south than recently. from near Iberia, so a little warmer than of late. Being positive, I won’t need to water my hanging baskets for a second night, although they are looking g bedraggled!