Yet again Marlborough misses out on substantial rainfall

Tuesday again provided a mainly sunny day with 10.4 hours of sunshine and the third warmest day this month with the thermometer rising to 23.6C being 3.5C above average.

A significant rain band moved northwestwards just to the north of Marlborough for a signifiant time when five bursts of thunder were heard between 16.14 and 16.25 but no rain fell here. A light shower did occur just after 17.30 amounting to 0.5mm.

The rainfall for June stands at 16.4mm whilst the equivalent rainfall lost through evaporation from the ground and plant life amounts to 50mm.

With a below average minimum in the early hours of Wednesday after the light rain the previous evening, fog formed that varied intensity but thickened to 100mm visibility at 07.00. By 08.00 on Wednesday the fog had all but evaporated as the sun broke through and lifted the thermometer to 13.9C