Wettest twenty-four hours in six weeks

The early drizzle on Sunday was not measurable but the thick, low, cloud hung around all day thanks to the small, but active depression over northern France. Rain began to fall, light at first in the early evening, then intensified late evening as the depression threw a weather front across the area that persisted most of the night producing 16.1mm of rainfall. This was the wettest twenty-four hour period since 7th May (16.5mm) and brought the monthly rainfall total to 46.1mm being 8mm below the 37-year average. The wind was brisk from the northeast gusting to 22mph.

Monday arrived with the depression remaining over northern France with drizzle and light rain still falling.

Due to the cloud the thermometer only reached 17.2C on Sunday being 3C below average but conversely it was an above average minimum of 13.6C (+3.5C).