Dull, cool, damp and depressing

The depression over northern France continued to plague the area on Monday with total cloud cover, the sixth sunless day this month, with a cool northeasterly breeze. The thermometer struggled to reach 16.7C, which was 3.5C below average with light drizzle during the first part of the morning that amounted to 0.3mm.

Rainfall for June now totals 46.4mm when the average is 54.4mm. However, evaporation from the ground and plant life now amounts to 80mm of equivalent rainfall.

The past night was again mild due to the thick, low cloud with a minimum of 13.0C being 2.9C above the average.

Tuesday brought no change in the weather as the depression is still centred over Northern France and throwing cloud and weather fronts across southern England on a northeasterly breeze.