Wettest twenty-four hours for two months

Sunday brought frequent showers but the main rainfall started just after 23.00, intensifying after midnight, that produced 13.5mm as thunderstorms swept across the area. There were two particularly intense downpours that were logged at 00.30 and 04.15 as the rain was recorded as falling at 30mm then 33mm / hour for a brief period. This was the wettest day since 16th March (16.4mm).

Due to the cloud and rain Sunday was a cooler day with the thermometer not rising above 16.8C being 0.7C below the 38-year average.

The diurnal range of temperature, difference between day and night, was extremely small, just 2.8C, with a minimum of 14.0C.

Monday arrived with the warmest start to a day since 26th September with a reading at 08.00 of 14.2C. It was a mainly cloudy start to the day with just very brief glimpses of sunshine.

Due to the depression in the Atlantic repositioning the wind veered from the east on Sunday to southwest after midnight and a drop in pressure to 1012.7mb at 08.00.