Wettest day in 6 years and almost a record

Storm Alex, named by Meteo France, brought an horrendous day on Friday with continuous rain and strong winds that gave a maximum gust of 38mph. The total rainfall in the past twenty-four hours amounted to 39.1mm, which was the wettest October day since the record wet day set on 29th October in 2000 with 40.6mm. It is interesting to note that we have in endured two other very wet days with exceptional rainfall in 2020 namely 33.2mm in April and 33.8mm in June. The record for the wettest day since the station was set up in 1984 was 45.4mm on 27th May 2007.

The temperature varied little during daylight hours or overnight with a maximum of 11.9C, being 2.7C below average and a minimum of 10.2C, which was 3.1C above average. The thick cloud obscured any sunshine to lift the temperature by day but overnight gave a duvet that meant little warmth escaped into the atmosphere.

There was no change when drawing back the curtains on Saturday with rain still falling, the wind still strong but in direction closer to north than northeast as on Friday. A low pressure system over north eastern France is migrating westwards over the UK that has a weather front associated with it, which will mean another wet day.