Record daily rainfall

The rain continued to fall all day on Saturday and into Sunday producing a total of 49.9mm, which was not only a record for October but the wettest day I have recorded since this station was set up in 1984. The previous wettest day was on 23rd December 2013 with 46.4mm. The average October rainfall over the past 36 years was 85.6mm that has already ben exceeded with the total at 08.00 Sunday standing at 95.9mm

After Storm Alex moved away it was followed immediately by a depression that developed just to the east of the UK and gradually migrated over the country, slowly rotating, becoming almost static for most of the past twenty-four hours.

The wind on Saturday was from the northeast in the morning but as the centre of the depression slowly changed position the wind then came from the north, followed by northwest, briefly from the south finally settling into the west.

The maximum temperature of 12.9C was 1.7C below average and the minimum of 8.0C was 0.9C above average.

Sunday dawned with the rain still falling from low, thick cloud but the wind strength had abated a little. At 08.00 the thermometer read 8.2C but the wind chill meant it felt more like 6.5C in the wind gusts.