Wettest day for a month

Sunday brought no sunshine but many hours of rain that amounted to 16.6mm making it the wettest day since 14th November (26.1mm), which brought the monthly total to 43.3mm when the average is 91.8mm. Rainfall was not the only significant feature during the past twenty-four hours as the south to southwest breeze, gusting to 28mph, brought warm air so that the thermometer slowly rose from a cold start to reach 11.4C at 18.49 which was 3.4C above the average. The temperature fell back a little thereafter until a rapid drop of 2C at 01.30 on Monday morning as an intense rain shower arrived with rain falling, for a brief period, at the rate of 120mm/hour. Another intense shower occurred at 04.45.

Monday after dawn saw a cloud bank easing away to the east and light, high broken cloud allowing some brightness. The temperature at 08.00 was 8.3C making it the warmest start to the day at that time since 25th November. The air flow from the southwest continues emanating from the intense low pressure system in the Atlantic to the Northwest of the UK.