Saturday was sunniest day in December

Saturday brought us 3.8 hours of sunshine and a dry day. The thermometer was down a degree on the very warm day of Friday with a maximum of 8.9C being 0.9C above average. The westerly breeze was a little stronger than recorded in recent days peaking at 19mph that modified the temperature.

The temperature dropped away steadily overnight reaching a minimum of 0.3C at 02.20 giving a short lived ground frost. However, advance cloud from the approaching warm front saw the thermometer climb back up to reach 5.4C at 08.00 on Sunday. Rain arrived just after 07.00 with 1.0mm by 08.00. A very large and deep depression, with a current reading of 966mb at its centre that covers most of the North Atlantic, is likely to bring more rain and persistent cloud throughout daylight hours. However, as it circulates anticlockwise, it will bring an air mass from a mainly southerly direction that will mean another mild day.