Wettest 24 hours in July

Saturday brought us another fine day, after a cloudy start, with 7.2 hours of sunshine and a maximum of 23.2C being 0.4C above average. Late afternoon encroaching cloud from a weather front was observed limiting the sunshine.

Overnight the thermometer fell to 12.4C, just 0.7C above average. However, just after midnight the rain band arrived, courtesy of a cold front, that produced 6.8mm of rainfall making it the wettest twenty-four hours in July. This brought the monthly total to 25mm but evaporation is now equivalent to 47mm of rainfall.

The hang back of cloud from the weather front dominated the sky on Sunday morning as the rain band eased away to the east. However, the cold front left us in a very different air mass with the wind currently coming from the north east making it the coolest start to the day since 6th July with a temperature of 12.6C at 08.00.