Anticyclone firmly in control – coolest night in July

The anticyclone is now firmly in control with the pressure having risen for the past twenty-four hours. The wind on Sunday spent much of the day varying between northeast and north. As a result the temperature was a little depressed with a maximum of 20.3C being 2.5C below average. The morning was cloudy as the hang back of cloud from the rain band eased away to the east. However, sunshine appeared in the afternoon amounting to 8.3 hours.

There followed a very cool night, the coolest in July under clear skies, with a minimum of 5.8C. This was equal coolest in July with the low on the 11th, which was 6C below the average.

Monday saw sunshine again after dawn that lifted the temperature to 13.1C at 08.00 although the wind was still coming from the north.