Warmest day, night and morning!

The thermometer soared to 21.9C on Monday in brisk winds from the southwest and 11.8 hors of global sunshine. This peak was 4.4C above the average and the warmest day since 26th September.

The dry, sunny day produced a UV level of 6.7, which was in the High category and the strongest since 17th August.

The past night has been exceptionally mild with the thermometer not sinking below 12.2C, which was 5.8C above the average.

Tuesday early morning produced just a few spots of rain at 06.00 ahead of the cold front about to cross the area. By 07.40 waves of drizzle reached us and by 08.00 the cold front had arrived producing light rain that had almost petered out by 08.25.

The depression approaching the Northwest meant the barometric pressure dropped almost 10mb in the past-twenty-four hours with a reading of 1015.1mb at 0800, the lowest since 25th April.