UV level rose to ‘Very High’ on Tuesday

The rainfall of 1.8mm during Tuesday morning was the heaviest since 6th April and took the monthly total to 3.2mm. By contrast, the dry and sunny days this month have seen the equivalent loss of rainfall totalling 25mm through evaporation from ground sources and plant life. The last four days have seen equivalent rainfall of 3mm lost each day.

Although down over 2C on the very warm day on Monday the thermometer did get well above average (+1.7C) with a maximum of 19.2C.

The UV level rose to 7.0, which is rated at Very High, last recorded on 16th August.

There followed another very mild night as the temperature did not fall below 11.1C being 4.7C above the average.

The first spots of rain from the approaching weather front were observed just after 06.00 on Wednesday, from low cloud. A wide rain band will traverse the area during the day but its current predicted tract is mostly to the north of the area. However, there is more consistent rain forecast after midday, which if it arrives, will be very welcome by gardeners who have very dry gardens.

The temperature at 08.00 had risen very little from its overnight low reading 11.4C with the barometric pressure at its lowest all month with pressure of 1009.6mb.

Update at 16.15: Very welcome rainfall of 10.6mm today making it the wettest day since 6th April.