Warmest day in January

The air mass on Sunday, even though it was very calm, came from a more westerly direction and was less cold than last week, as a result the thermometer rose to 4.4C. Although it was warmer it was still 2.5C below the 37-year average. The thermometer continued to rise overnight, slowly, to reach a maximum of 5.2C at 05.19 on Monday morning. The other notable feature was that the the UV level was the highest since 1st December at 0.7, a welcome sign that, even if a minimal rise, the sun is beginning to gain a little strength. We also saw welcome sunshine totalling 1.9 hours after four foggy days.

Thankfully no fog was observed on Monday morning, the cloud although thick, was far higher and in places showing signs of thinning. The temperature at 08.00 was 5.3C and forecast to rise further in the milder air and as the ground begins to warm up, just a little. The temperature of the soil at a depth of 5cm has, for most of the month, been just above freezing but this morning read 3.2C at 08.00.