Its warm again – what a relief!

The wind was mainly from the west on Monday that brought much warmer air. The temperature slowly rose from 5.3C at 08.00 to 7.9C at 22.00 and at 08.00 on Tuesday read 9.0C. There was just a slight dip after midday but the maximum was 2.0C above the 37-year average and the first above average day since 26th December.

For most of the daylight hours the wind was peaking around 20mph, the strongest wind since 3rd January. However after midnight it increased in strength gusting to 33mph at 02.39.

There was a rain shower just before midnight but more persistent showers after 03.00 and a heavier fall just before 08.00 on Tuesday producing a total of 4.7mm making it the wettest day since 26th December and brought the monthly total to just 6.7mm when the average is 90.5mm.

Tuesday, after the rain band had passed over, it was much calmer with total cloud cover but a higher base with the wind veering into the northwest.