Wall to wall sunshine continues

Another cloudless day on Friday that brought the hottest day since 19th July with a maximum of 33.2C being 12.1C above the 38-year average. My station is sighted up the garden away from buildings and hardstanding as far as I can get also we are on the edge of the town, therefore temperatures in the town centre will be above this this peak. The light breeze, predominantly from the west, continued. The UV level of 5.8 was the lowest for a week but still in the High category.

The past night was the first minimum above average (+0.3C) since the 3rd with a low of 12.0C at 05.52.

Saturday began as previous day this past week with strong sunshine after dawn that lifted the thermometer to 19.9C at 08.00. The heatwave has new lasted seven days as we live under a Heat Dome due to the high pressure trapping the heat beneath it. The centre of the anticyclone is slowly declining with a reading of 1015.2mb at 08.00, a drop of 14mb since its peak.

Update at 16.50: maximum of 33.4C at 16.24, which was up 0.2C on the Friday peak and 12.3C above the 38-year average.