Heatwave builds

The thermometer soared to 32.5C last afternoon on Thursday being 11.4C above the average and the warmest day since 19th July (36.7C).

The UV level of 6.2 continues at the High rating.

The minima over the past few nights have continued to rise as the very dry ground absorbs more and more warmth. The past five nights have brought 9.2C, 9.5C, 9.4C, 10.8C and 10.6C respectively. All these minima were below the 38-year average of 11.72C so at least a cooler start to each day.

Friday began as previous days with strong sunshine after dawn that produced a temperature of 20.8C at 08.00 making it the warmest start to a day at that time since 19th July 2022 (24.5C).

The humidity at 08.00 was, not surprisingly exceptionally low, with a reading of just 64%.

The ground temperature at a depth of 5cm read 22.4C at 08.00, the highest temperature since 20th July 2022 (24.3C).

Update at 17.00: maximum of 33.2C at 16.30.