Very cool night under clearing skies

The westerly breeze on Tuesday meant a cooler day with the thermometer peak 4C below the average with a maximum of 18.8C, the coolest day in two weeks.In the early evening the wind veered into the northwest.

Under clear skies and the air mass coming from the northwest it was not surprising to find we had a cool night with the thermometer sinking to 6.0C at 04.32 on Wednesday morning.

The sun was up bright and early on Wednesday, sometimes muted due to aircraft condensation trails that have been much more in evidence than earlier this year.

The ridge of high pressure saw the barometer rise to 1020.2mb at 08.00 on Wednesday, the highest pressure for two weeks.

The rainfall total now stands at 56.6mm being 3.1mm below the 36-year average. However, even though we have endured a number of wet days the evaporation total for July exceeds the rainfall by 23mm with a total of 79mm.