The wind on Thursday veered a little to come from a north-northeasterly direction but quite brisk. However, the 3 hours of sunshine lifted the thermometer to a peak of 11.4C at 15.10 being 1C above the average. The UV level returned to a ‘Low’ category after rising briefly to ‘Moderate’ on Tuesday.

Overnight the thick cloud rolled in again providing a duvet to keep the warmth from evaporating into the atmosphere giving a mild night with a minimum of 5.3C, which was 3C above the average.

Just before dawn on Friday light drizzle began to fall from the very low cloud amounting to 0.4mm. This gave misty conditions limiting visibility to around 1,200m. Visibility is referred to as fog when it drops below 1,000m. The wind has veered further into the northeast as the high pressure, off the Irish coast, began to topple over towards Scotland.