Less sun and warmth on Wednesday

The mainly northerly breeze on Wednesday, a cool direction, and less sunshine, just 2.2 hours, meant a cool day. The thermometer eventually rose to a maximum of 9.8C at 15.32 being 0.7C below the long-term average.

Overnight cloud rolled back in again but not before clear skies in the evening produced an air frost so that the thermometer dipped to -0.4C at 01.54, which was 2.8C below the average. As a consequence of the past cool nights the soil temperature at a depth of 5cm has fallen back again to 3.2C at 08.00 on Thursday, not sufficient warmth to consider early planting in the garden yet.

Thursday brought a little brightness first thing but no substantial sunshine as the cloud cover was almost continuous. The thermometer had recovered to 5.3C at 08.00.