Tropical air boosts temperature on Saturday

After a cold start on Friday the thermometer hovered around 10C after midday but overnight an extensive rain band crossed our area that saw the thermometer rise further to 13.2C at 08.00 Saturday. There has been a 10C temperature difference between 08.00 Friday and Saturday.

Another 10.6mm of precipitation has been recorded overnight that has raised the monthly total 109.6mm, which is 121% of the 39-year average or plus 19mm.

Saturday arrived dull and wet from the hang back of cloud and light rain from the extensive weather front brought by another depression to the west of the UK, heading east over Scotland. The morning and day will improve as the last of the cloud thins and begins break up towards midday. The barometric pressure has dropped 10mb since yesterday and continues to fall as the depression gets closer. The southwesterly air movement, very calm at 08.00, is bringing more tropical air from the Atlantic.