Coldest day on Thursday since March

After a damp morning on Thursday the rain eased after midday and the cloud thinned but no strong sunshine. As a result, and due to the easterly air movement in the morning, later westerly, the thermometer only rose to 7.4C some 2.8C below the 39-year average and the coldest day since the 10th March.

Another 3.0mm of precipitation was recorded taking the monthly rainfall to 99.0mm being 8.9mm above the long-term average.

The temperature hovered around 5C for much of the early hours but just after 05.00, as the cloud eased away eastwards, the thermometer began to slowly fall reaching a minimum of 2.8C at 07.47 on Friday.

Friday dawned with radiation fog filling the River Og valley limiting visibility to 200m but began to clear rapidly after 07.00. The sun began to shine brightly after it had risen above the horizon. A temporary ridge of high pressure will give a fine and dry day but all change again tonight with more rain arriving in the evening.