Temperature edged upwards on Friday

Although the sunshine recorder logged 5 minutes less sunshine on Friday than Thursday the thermometer edged a little higher with a maximum of 24.3C. This was 10.2C above the 36-year average and the warmest day this month and also since September.

The sky was not clear blue as the high, thin cloud existed all day that reduced the UV level slightly to 5.0, just in the ‘High’ category and limited the high solar to the lowest peak this month.

Last night the thermometer dipped a little lower than the previous night with a minimum 6.1C at 07.05 on Saturday morning. The sun was obscured until 07.00 on Saturday due to a thick bank of cloud on the eastern horizon. As soon as the sun emerged from behind the cloud the temperature began to rise with a reading of 9.2C at 08.00.

We have only had one wet day this month when 2.3mm of rainfall was recorded. The warm sun and drying wind has meant that in recent days the rate of evaporation from ground sources and plant life has exceeded 3mm daily. The loss of equivalent rainfall through evaporation this month now totals 26mm.