Warmest day and night this month

The thermometer soared to a peak of 24.2C at 15.49 on Thursday, which was the warmest day this month and the warmest day since 21st September. The wind was light from the southeast initially but later veering into the south, with a peak gust of 14mph.

It was the sunniest day since 13th September with 10.23 glorious hours. The sun and UV level were not quite as strong or high as previous days due to thin high cloud.

A very mild night followed with the thermometer not dropping below 8.3C being 4.3C above the average.

Friday saw a fiery, red globe ease above the eastern horizon at sunrise with the promise of another sunny day as the barometric pressure remains high. The thermometer read 10.1C at 08.00 making it the warmest morning this month.

Update on Friday at 19.10: temperature eased upwards just a little to peak at 24.3C being 4.2C above average.