Sunshine increases so does the warmth

After sunny intervals on Friday morning the sun began to shone stringy just before lodaaynthat saw the thermlmter rose to 18.9C being 2.4C above the 38-year average. The wind was predominantly from the west butylate event and overnight began to back int the southwest.

Overnight was again mild with a low of 8.3C (+1.9C).

Saturday arrived with total cloud cover but just after 08.15 breaks began to appear in the cloud and the sun to shine more strongly and consistently.

The centre of the high pressure is easing eastwards, currently over the Brittany, and later centred over Belgium. This will see the wind back a little further into the south for much of the day.

The May rainfall total is just 13.8mm but is forecast to rise with possible storms during Saturday night and Sunday morn arriving from the Continent. Evaporation is the equivalent rainfall of 32mm to date.