Sunshine but no showers on Saturday as the barometric pressure rose

Saturday produced almost five hours of sunshine and a very similar temperature to the two previous days with a maximum of 9.6C at 14.30 being 0.9C below average. Interestingly the maxima for the past three days was 9.8C, 9.7C and 9.6C respectively. This depressed temperature was due to a very brisk westerly wind that gusted to a peak of 31mph. During the late afternoon the thermometer dropped away with a reading of 4C at 16.00 but the wind chill that had been in effect all day meant it felt more like 2.1C outside.

Overnight a minimum of 3.3C was 0.9C above the average.

Sunday saw a little brightness after sunrise, through broken cloud, but minimal. The temperature at 08.00 had risen to 5.8C.

An anticyclone has been developing in the Atlantic just west of Portugal that is feeding the westerly wind across the country. As the pressure increases, a significant 21mb was added in the last twenty-four hours, the weather is likely to be more settled. The current reading at 08.00 was 1014.8mb.