Sunshine and showers again!

Although we had 3 hours of sunshine on Saturday there were brief showers in the afternoon that meant the thermometer did not climb above the average with a peak of 14.0C (-0.5C).

Initially the thermometer dropped steadily away late evening reaching a minimum of 6.4C at 00.55 on Sunday morning, thereafter, the advancing cloud from the next weather front meant the thermometer climbed back up to reach 11.7C at 0800 on Sunday.

The first, brief rain was recorded at 0440 Sunday morning but the heavy and continuous rain arrived at 0520 and continued well after 0800. The daily rainfall total was 12.7mm bringing the monthly total to 122.9mm. This brought the monthly total to 122.9mm being 144% of the 37-year average or +37.5mm. This total is still well below the record wet October of 2020 when 191.0mm was recorded.