Sunshine and showers

Sunday saw rain bands crossing the area driven on by the brisk south westerly wind that brought frequent showers totalling 1.9mm. That brought the June total to 83.3mm been 30mm above the 36-year average.

Due to the frequent rain bands and brisk wind it was a cool day with the thermometer not ring above 18.1C, which was 2C below average. The bursts of sunshine between the showers, amounting to 7.9 hours, did produce a UV level that was again in the ‘High’ category.

Overnight the cloud cover meant an above average minimum of 11.6C (+1.6C).

The start to Monday was predominantly cloudy with the wind still strong from the south west. We are still under the influence of an Atlantic air mass with the deep low pressure centred over Scotland continuing to bring bands of rain although diminishing in frequency.