Sunshine all the day on Saturday

Under the influence of the anticyclone we enjoyed 6.6 hours of sunshine on Saturday. However, the brisk breeze from the southeast pegged back the temperature to a maximum of 10.3C, but this was till 2.5C above the average.

The breeze abated a little overnight but did not entirely stop so an air frost was averted but not a ground frost when the thermometer dropped to 2.8C at 07.17 on Sunday morning.

Sunday arrived with bright sunshine as soon as the sun rose above the horizon that lifted the temperature to 3.1C at 08.00. Due to the anticyclone relocating to the Baltic the breeze will come from the south-southeast, which is a slightly drier air resulting in the humidity reading 87% at 08.00 rather than in then 90s. The barometric pressure has fallen a little and read 1022.9mb at 08.00.