Sunny start to Saturday then cloud returned

It was a glorious start to Saturday with strong sunshine after sunrise but sadly during the mid-morning cloud again drifted across on the light easterly breeze. The 5.7 hours of sunshine were 2 hours down on the Friday total as a result the thermometer only reached a peak of 20.1C, (Friday 22.7C) but this was still a welcome 1.4C above the 37-year average.

It has been a mild night with the temperature not dropping below 13.6C, which was 4.5C above average

Sunday dawned grey with foggy conditions limiting visibility to 1100m. The very light breeze continues to come from the east.

The centre of the anticyclone is now over the Baltic but still influencing our weather. This relocation will veer the wind today from east to east-southeast or southeast bringing a warmer air mass. The current pressure at 0800 was 1020.7mb.