At last some warmth and sunshine!

There was a distinct change in the air mass on Friday as the cool air from the north, brought on a northeasterly breeze, had veered a few degrees to come from the east. As a result the thermometer rose to 22.7C being 4C above average and the warmest day since 22nd August.

The past night saw the thermometer drop to 9.7C, just above average under clearing skies.

At 0630 on Saturday morning it was wonderful to see the red rim of the sun rising above the eastern horizon, the first time at sunrise for a couple of weeks. The thick cloud of the past week is just a memory. Although it was misty with fog observed to the north, which thickened the mist until 0720, the sun kept on shining.

We have now seen 13 consecutive dry days with the UV level on Friday rising back to the ‘High’ level.

The changes are due to the anticyclone relocating to Scandinavia. As a result the wind has dropped in strength and brought an air mass from nearer the Continent than the Arctic.