Summer returns

On Sunday the 10.8 hours of sunshine and light winds from the south south west meant the thermometer rose to 24.3C. This was 5.6C above average and the warmest day since 18th August. With the sun now losing some of its strength the UV level at its peak is only in the ‘Moderate’ range.

It was another dry day, the tenth consecutive dry day this month. Rainfall for September is still just 3.0mm whilst evaporation amounts to 21mm.

The past night was cool with the thermometer sinking to 6.9C at 05.29 on Monday, which was 2.3C below average and the second coolest night this month after the 2nd (5.7C).

Monday dawned with thick fog limiting visibility to 200m. The sun, as a red globe, cold be seen shortly afterwards through the fog but it wasn’t until after 08.00, as the sun gained strength, that the fog began to thin improving visibility. By 08.30 the fog had totally dissipated.

The centre of the anticyclone is now much further to the east, close to Switzerland, also having intensified a few mb. This shift in position will mean the air mass will be brought from a more southerly or south easterly direction today.

Update on Monday at 16.10: temperature rose even higher than on Sunday with a maximum of 27.1C at 15.59. This was 8.4C above the average making it the hottest day since 12th August (34.1C)