Still that nagging northeasterly!

With a less strong breeze on Thursday and some brightness the temperature recovered a couple of degrees from the very cold Wednesday but the peak of 12.9C was still 1.2C below the average.

The past night was also a couple of degrees warmer than the previous being 1.5C above the average.

The rainfall for April still stands at 16.6mm, which is only 29% of the 38-year average or 41.1mm below. It is looking as if this April will be the driest since 2017 when just 8.2mm of rainfall was recorded.

The ground is so dry as 58mm of equivalent rainfall has been lost to the atmosphere through evaporation from the ground and plant life. That figure now exceeds the average April rainfall.

Friday brought some welcome brightness to start the day that lifted the temperature to 7.8C at 08;00.

The centre of the high is now over the UK with a current reading at 08.00 of 1032.2mb, the highest this month.