Coldest day for almost a month on Wednesday

Wednesday was a thoroughly unpleasant day with total cloud cover and the northeasterly wind making it feel very cool. The thermometer struggled to reach 10.6C late in the afternoon, which was 3.5C below the average and the coldest day since 3rd April.

It was another dry day, the nineteenth this month, but due to thick cloud the UV level of 2.3 was in the ‘Low’ category, and the lowest since 30th March.

It was the coldest night since the 15th with a minimum of 3.3C being 0.4C below the average.

Thursday arrived with total cloud cover and a light breeze from the northeast, yet again. We have now endured eight consecutive days with the wind from the very cool northeast.

The anticyclone has moved further south and now over the UK with the highest barometric pressure since the beginning of the month with a reading of 1031.5mb at 08.00