Snow, frost, wind chill, not Spring

The Arctic Air on Thursday arrived with a vengeance. The thermometer struggled to reach 7.2C being 3.2C below the 38-year average. However, that was only part of the picture as the wind strengthen during the morning, often well over 20mph, with a peak gust of 35mph at 14.48. The wind chill meant it felt up to 2C lower outside than that indicated on the thermometer, for much of the day. In the showers the temperature dropped several degrees.

I observed eight snow showers, very light in the morning but heavy in the afternoon only producing 0.3mm of precipitation. These showers were blown horizontally in the strong wind from the north-northeast.

With clearing skies in the evening the temperature dropped below freezing with a minimum of -0.4C at 06.48.

Friday began with sunshine and clear skies, the wind having moderated considerably but still from the north.