Arctic blast arrives overnight with wind chill!

Wednesday was the coldest night since 7th March. The wind had backed further varying between north and north-east bringing very cold air that restricted the maximum temperature to 8.8C being 1.7C below average, the first for three weeks.

During the evening there were very brief, light rain showers that amounted to 0.5mm. That brought the monthly total to 43.3mm, being 16mm below the 38-year average.

Overnight the thermometer fell steadily to reach a minimum of -0.3C at 06.45 on Thursday. Due to the strengthening wind over the past three hours, and from the north, this produced a wind chill so outside it felt more like -3.4C.

Thursday saw brief sunshine after sunrise but just before 08.00 cloud drifted in from the north obliterating the sun. By 08.00 the thermometer struggled to reach 0.7C with wind chill making it feel more -3.1C. However, just before 08.30 there were breaks in the cloud allowing brief sunny intervals.

A high pressure system is attempting to nudge in from the Atlantic so the Barometric pressure, having reached a low point at midnight of 1007.4mb, recovered sightly to 1009.6mb at 08.00.

Update at 10.10: fine snow began to fall for ten minutes in strong breeze at 10.06. Temperature 1.9C but wind chill feels more like -2.0C outside