Snow again – in April!

Throughout daylight hours on Saturday an area of thick cloud persisted over the area initially producing drizzle that then became light rain for almost twelve hours. It was an exceptionally cold day with the thermometer rising just a couple of degrees from that at dawn to a maximum of only 5.9C, which was a significant 8.4C below the 37-year average and the coldest since 7th March.

It was the first sunless day since 20th March with the UV peak of 1.4, which is at the lower end of “Low”.

During the early evening the temperature dropped to 2.0C and the precipitation turned to wet snow with a daily total of 6.2mm. This was the wettest day since 26th March and brought the monthly total to 6.6mm when the average is 58.5mm.

The cloud eventually thinned overnight and allowed the temperature to drop to -0.6C at 05.05 on Sunday morning that saw very brief bright intervals between occasional breaks in the cloud, which was thinner and higher than on Saturday.