Hail then snow – it’s supposed to be Spring!

The welcome 6.9 hours of sunshine on Sunday, intermittent in the morning but more sustained in the afternoon, encouraged the thermometer to rise to a maximum of 9.7C, This was up 4C on the very cold Saturday peak but still 5.4C below the 37-year April average.

A brief light shower of small hail (less than 5mm in size) was observed at 13.00.

The thermometer fell steadily during the late afternoon and evening to reach freezing point (-0.1) at 22.33 on Sunday evening. It continued falling until reaching a minimum of -2.6C at 02.52 early Monday morning. At that time the advancing weather front would have started to ease in the initial cloud with humidity starting to increase after 03.10. The radar showed thick cloud and precipitation arriving over this area at 04.10, which by daylight could be seen as a covering of snow but had ceased by 05.30. In the calm conditions there was a level 1cm of snow that began to slowly melt as the thermometer had risen to 2.0C at 08.00. The equivalent liquid from the melted snow amounted to 0.8mm.