Sings of a change as the anticyclone relocates

The wind for the past week has come steadily from the south west bringing mild if cloudy weather. The intense anticyclone has started to migrate, its centre having been over the UK on Thursday, to the North Sea that saw the first change in wind direction. Just after midday the very light breeze began to veer into the east and by 22.00 had veered further into the north east. Air from these directions is cooler and as a result the maximum on Thursday was 10.6C, down a couple of degrees on past days but still 2.6C above average. Likewise the overnight minimum of 8.4C being 6.1C above average that was registered at 08.00 on Friday.

The thermometer is showing a continual slight fall on Friday morning with the dawning of another cloudy and dull start to a day.

The barometric pressure has continued to build with a peak reading of 1041.4mb early on Friday, the highest pressure since 27th February.