Down, down go the temperatures

The temperatures have been falling for the past three days as the cooler air steam takes effect. The maximum of 9.2C was the lowest for a week but still 1.2c above the average. The brisk northeasterly breeze meant it felt cool outside with a touch of wind chill. It was the fourth consecutive day without sunshine under the grey, low cloud base.

The minimum overnight of 6.9C was also above average (+4.6C) thanks to the cloud cover.

Saturday dawned grey with very low cloud producing misty conditions that limited visibility to 1800m. The drier air of Friday with humidity of 82% at 08.00 has been replaced by humidity onD Saturday at 08.00 of 97%. The centre of the anticyclone has edged eastwards with the barometric pressure dropping to 1039.4mb at 08.00, a fall of just 2mb from its peak on Friday.