Settled weather but still cool

Monday brought more sunshine again but the brisk wind from the northeast persisted that meant another cool day with the thermometer not rising above 15.1C, however this was 1C above the 38-year average.

It was not a totally dry day as a very, very small shower passed overhead at 16.15 that produced a few rain drops, the quantity being so small it was not measurable so recorded as a trace.

With a clearing overnight sky and the wind dropping out it was not surprising to find that the thermometer had dropped to 3.3C at 03.54 onTuesday, which was 0.4C new the average.

Tuesday broke gloriously with the sun shining strongly after it had risen above the horizon, th e temperature having recovered to 6.4C at 08.00.

The centre of the anticyclone is edging closer so the pressure is rising, which is likely to mean that the wind will reduce in strength. The pressure at 08.00 was 1022.2mb up almost 20mb since Saturday.