No change!

The weather is in a repetitive mood as the brisk northeasterly breeze continued on Sunday although the several hours of sunshine did raise the maximum a little higher than the previous three days with a peak of 17.6C being 3.5C above the average.

The loss of equivalent rainfall, so far his month 49mm, through evaporation from ground sources and plant life is fast approaching the average rainfall of 57.7mm. The April rainfall to date is just 16.6mm or just 29% of the 38-year average.

The past night was cool with a minimum of 5.5C but this was still 1.8C above the average.

Monday arrived with the usual cloudy sky from moisture picked up overnight as the northeasterly breeze travelled across the North Sea. A couple of very brief glimpses of the sun were observed just before 08.00. We hope for more today as the temperature at 08.00 was just 6.8C, the coldest start to the day at that time since the 19th.

The intense anticyclone to the north if the UK is edging a little closer with the barometric pressure rising 1015.9mb at 08.00 so hopefully as the centre closes further the wind will moderate.