Ridge of high pressure brought sunny day on Thursday

Thursday saw a ridge of high pressure intensify to reach a peak of 1034mb in the early evening that gave us a fine, dry day. The wind veering from southwest to northwest during the daytime, gusted to 22mph. The air from this direction is always cooler so the maximum temperature of 10.5C at 11.47 was 3C down on previous mild day but still 0.5C above average.

The thermometer fell steadily downwards during the evening and early morning of Friday to reach a low of -0.4C at 01.43, which was 4.1C below average and the coldest night since the 5th (-0.6) and 4th (-1.7C). This produced an air frost that had disappeared by daylight as by 08.00 the temperature had recovered to 3.4C and was still rising. Cloud had drifted in during the early hours and although there was a brilliant red sky in the east after dawn the cloud continued to thicken ahead of another rain band that will arrive shortly.