Cold front brings abrupt change in temperature

Wednesday brought us the last of the warm, moist air with the thermometer rising to 13.9C at 14.58, which was 4.1C above average. As the cold front traversed the area the wind veered from the south into the west early evening that brought the coldest time for the past twenty-four hours as the thermometer dropped away to 7.2C a 21.20, still being 3.5C above average.

Another 2.4mm of rain fell, principally at 10.45.

Thursday saw broken cloud after dawn with the wind veering further into the west-north west and forecast later to come from the northwest. The temperature this morning recovered just a little to read 8.1C at 08.00 but the wind gusting to 17mph produced a wind chill so that it felt more like 6.2C.