Relative calm before Storm Barra arrives

Monday brought a wet start start to the day with 2.7mm of rain in the morning but dried up after midday. The wind direction started from the south but veered into the west before noon. The thermometer rose to 8.0C at 13.56 being exactly average for December but during the evening, before cloud built up from advancing Storm Barra, the temperature dropped to 1.0C at 01.33 on Tuesday being 1.3C below they average.

Tuesday arrived with advance thick cloud from Storm Barra. The depression at 08.00 was just making landfall on the west coast of Ireland with a very low barometric pressure of 957mb.

Storm Barra began to have an effect locally as the wind slowly began to pick up from 04.30 and the barometric pressure to fall from 00.30. At 08.00 the barometric pressure was 1002.3mb and the temperature having risen to 4.6C.

Update at 13.00: maximum gust of 31mph at 11.41. Barometric pressure dropping rapidly with current pressure of 988.7mb