Northeasterly persists

The wind from the northeast, a little stronger on Tuesday with a peak gust of 20mph, persisted throughout the day. The air mass coming around the anticyclone and travelling over the North Sea picked up moisture again as on Monday but the cloud was thinner and broke up mid-morning giving us 9 hours of sunshine, the sunniest day since the 10th.

The thermometer reached 22.2C being 1.1C above average and the warmest day since the 14th. Overnight was similar to the previous night that started with a clear sky and shining moon but cloud drifted in by morning.

Wednesday arrived with total cloud cover but at 0735 the sun broke through a gap and was intermittent thereafter. However, there are signs that the cloud will break up further as the sun gets to work.

The barometric pressure continues high if a few millibars below the peak on Tuesday.