Anticyclone brought sunshine – eventually!

Although the anticyclone brought high pressure on Monday the morning and early afternoon were noted for total cloud cover from the northeasterly breeze that had picked up moisture in its travel across the North Sea. However, at 1400 breaks appeared in the cloud cover and by 1435 much blue sky and sunshine was in evidence. The temperature rose steadily to reach a peak of 21.3C at 1631 being almost exactly average for August.

It was the coolest night for a week with a minimum of 12.1C, however, this was still 0.4C above average.

The start of Tuesday was dull and grey but at 0710 a clearance was seen in the eastern horizon that gradually moved westwards so that by 0740 the sun began to appear through breaks in the cloud as the sun began to get to work.

The barometic pressure at 0800 on Tuesday read 1031.0mb, the highest pressure since 17th April.