Little change!

There is little variation between days this week as the anticyclone is almost static and continues to dominate our weather. Wednesday again began cloudy but the sun broke through late morning and gave us a 8.7 hours of sunshine and another dry day.

The wind from the north-northeast gave another cool day with a below average maximum (-0.2C) of 20.9C. Once again the cloud drifted in again in the evening and overnight to limit loss of warmth to the atmosphere with the thermometer not sinking below 14.6C being almost 3C above average.

Thursday after dawn revealed another cloudy day with thick cloud masking any sunshine. In fact a cold front had been moving westwards across the area during the early hours with light drizzle observed at 0820. The wind continues from the north-northeast.

At 0845 the cloud had thinned and a brief glimpse of sunshine was observed.